Bistro & Bar


Hungry Cat Review - March 2017

"If you are looking for a sweet spot to dine in and enjoy a tranquil evening, while savouring fresh and delectable quality food… Lighthouse Bistro and Bar is the perfect choice! The restaurant is a hidden gem along Jellicoe Street, walking distance from the Lavender MRT station. Having worked in this part of Singapore some time back, it is a pleasant surprise to discover this delightfully posh yet affordable bar and bistro in the neighbourhood. Click to read more"  


Miss Tam Chiak Review - September 2015

"A dish that was kept from their previous menu is the Malaysian Angel Hair ($17). This is also my favourite dish amongst all. As I am typing this, I can literally taste the noodles in my mind. Done in the Malaysian style, the western angel hair pasta is stir - fried with tiger prawns, squid & black mussels and finished off with spicy sambal. There is a rich wok hei in the noodles and the spicy sambal brings a delicious unami flavour. This dish will make me come back here again. Click to read more"  


The Food Chapter Review - September 2015

"Lighthouse Bistro has undergone revamping and is back with a brand new menu and retrofitting. With a swankier surrounding, Lighthouse Bistro is finally back. It aims to be a dining enclave for those seeking a fine dining experience at pocket friendly prices.   Click to read more"  


The Silver Chef Review - August 2015

"Good food, cooking with care and passion, and easy on the wallet prices. Yes, this is one lighthouse that has shown us the light in the best possible sense. I doubt the ships will get lost at sea here.   Click to read more"  


The Ranting Panda Review - August 2015

"It is quite challenging to find a casual bistro these days which is able to offer a good balance between quality and price. Lighthouse Bistro is one restaurant I will recommend to people for its value for money dishes and cosy ambience which should provide a pleasant dining experience, at least for me. Click to read more


Fundamentally Flawed Review - August 2015

"If food is as good as I had tasted that night, then yes, you can be lighthouse any day. Newly revamped Lighthouse Bistro Bar has received a new lease on life, done away with the hideous coats of orange and the cheap furniture and now focuses on serving up good food, good drinks and deeply wonderful service. Click to read more


Weekender Singapore Review - July 2015

"Lighthouse has been revamped with a sophisticated new look and a new stripped down but focused menu - a change that makes it the latest must-try. Click to read more


Lipstick Passport Pearls Review - July 2015

"I'm super excited to share about a lovely restaurant that has recently gotten a gorgeous facelift and revamped the entire menu to delicious perfection. Click to read more"


OpenRice Review - June 2015

" Fans of the classic fish and chips will not be disappointed with Tiger Fish & Fries ($19), which boast a crisp tiger-beer-battered pacific sea bass matched with yummy seaweed fries. What followed was the East Atlantic Sea Perch ($23) and the garlic mash potatoes that came with it killed the dish - we loved it. It was light and so delightfully soft. Click to read more"